Losing weight isn’t only about being on a diet or working out as proven by the large number of unsuccessful diets and exercise programs. First, you have to discover the many M.E.S.S. cubes (Emotional, Mental, Subconscious, and Spiritual cubes ) which prevent you from losing weight and then have them go. These M.E.S.S. blocks are distorted beliefs, thoughts, or fears that stop your weight reduction. If you don’t eradicate those M.E.S.S. blocks, you’ll keep with a very hard time losing weight and, even if you succeed, you may always recover the weight.

If you have been badly abused, you will likely be fearful of being mistreated, and you will search for a means to protect yourself. Fat protects you from being noticed and seen. Fat decreases the sexual interest that you get from others since fat makes you less attractive. Slim Couture becomes a form of security.

A woman I met in a seminar told me about her overweight teenager daughter who was allowing herself go by not taking care of herself and her body. Confronted by her mum, the teenager admitted that the only way she knew how to take care of the unwanted sexual attention from boys at school was supposed to look bad and be obese.

If you’re fat and not as attractive, you will feel more protected from physical abuse. A lot of women create this belief when they have been traumatized by physical abuse. If that has happened to you, you will need to give up this belief. If you’re defeated on a certain area of the body, you may create a layer of fat to protect yourself from the physical pain of the beating. You generally store the emotional pain within precisely the same area too. So, this layer of fat will be full of the memories and emotions linked to the physical abuse.

One of my clients was beaten on her legs by her mother. All her life, she had huge legs and she had difficulty losing weight.

To make certain you feel safe losing weight, you have to let go of the subsequent M.E.S.S. blocks to weight loss:“fat is really a protection from abuse”,“fat protects me”;“being fat makes me feel secure”;“I feel insecure and unsafe if I am thin”;“I feel protected from abuse if I’m fat”. You will not be able to achieve permanent weight loss until you let go of those twisted beliefs.